leonheadshotLeon Chisholm is a postdoctoral research scholar with the “Materiality of Musical Instruments” research group at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. His article “William McGibbon and the Vernacularization of Corelli’s Music” was published in Eighteenth-Century Music. Other research interests include the relationship between polyphonic instrument playing and the conceptualization of music in early modern Italy, microtonal keyboard instruments, intabulation, continuo playing, the early music movement, and organs made entirely of wooden pipes. He holds a Ph.D. in Music History and Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. He has held fellowships at the Cini Foundation in Venice, Harvard University, and the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies of Columbia University.

steffi-fotoStephanie Probst is a Ph.D. candidate in Music Theory at Harvard University. Her dissertation investigates concepts of line in musical thought of the early twentieth century, as it pertains to such parameters as melody, counterpoint, and form. By examining the manifold connotations that the line adopts in music theoretical treatises, in analytical representations, and artistic and mechanical inscriptions of music, Steffi puts music theory in dialogue with discourses in cognitive studies, Gestalt psychology, philosophy, science and technology, the visual arts, and graphology.