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American Musicological Society

Society for Music Theory

The Royal Musical Association

Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie

Société française d’Analyse musicale

Society for Music Analysis (SMA)

Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory (Vereniging voor Muziektheorie)

La Société belge d’Analyse musicale

Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale

Associació de Teoria i Anàlisi Musicals (ATAM)

Russian Society for Theory of Music (Общество теории музыки)

The European Network for Theory & Analysis of Music (T&AM)

Croatian Association of Music Theorists (Hrvatsko društvo glazbenih teoretičara)

Polskie Towarzystwo Analizy Muzycznej

Српско друштво за музичку теорију (Serbian Society for Music Theory)



Early Music Sources


Journal of Music Theory

Journal of the Royal Musical Association

Music Theory and Analysis (MTA)

Music Theory Online

Music Theory Spectrum