Recent Dissertations

A working document can be found here; please add your dissertation (or that of your students) to the list, or email the details to us at historyofmusictheory   @  gmail.

Arndt, Matthew. 2008. Schenker and Schoenberg on the Tone and the Genius. PhD dissertation, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Auerbach, Jennifer Sadoff. 2009. Drafts, Page Proofs, and Revisions of Heinrich Schenker’s Der freie Satz: the Collection at the Austrian National Library and Schenker’s Generative Process. PhD dissertation, University of North Texas.

Brannon, Samuel J. 2016. Books about Music in Renaissance Print Culture: Authors, Printers, and Readers. PhD dissertation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Byrne, David A. 2018. The Harmonic Theories of Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Acoustics, Function, Transformation, Perception. PhD dissertation, University of Cincinnati.

Byros, Vasili. 2009. Foundations of Tonality as Situated Cognition, 1730-1830: An Enquiry into the Culture and Cognition of Eighteenth-Century Tonality, with Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony as a Case Study. PhD dissertation, Yale University.

Chisholm, Leon. 2015. Keyboard Playing and the Mechanization of Polyphony in Italian Music, Circa 1600. PhD dissertation, University of California, Berkeley.

Cochran, Timothy B. 2012. Messiaen’s Debussy: Modes of Interpretation in Tome VI of Traité de rythme, de couleur, et d’ornithologie. PhD dissertation, Rutgers University.

Csicsko, Nicholas. 2011. Monteverdi’s Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda: An Analysis. PhD dissertation, Juilliard School of Music.

Desbruslais, Simon Stephen. 2013. The Identity, Application and Legacy of Paul Hindemith’s Theory of Music. PhD dissertation, University of Oxford.

Dobbs, Benjamin. 2015. A Seventeenth-Century Musiklehrbuch in Context: Heinrich Baryphonus and Heinrich Grimm’s Pleiades musicae. PhD dissertation, University of North Texas.

Garrison, Rodney. 2012. Schenker’s Ausfaltung Unfolded: Notation, Terminology, and Practice. PhD dissertation, University of Buffalo.

Gleason, Scott. 2013. Princeton Theory’s Problematics. PhD dissertation, Columbia University.

Goldberg, Randall E. 2011. Where Nature and Art Adjoin: Investigations into the Zarlino-Galilei Dispute, Including an Annotated Translation of Vincenzo Galilei’s Discorso intorno all’opere di Messer Gioseffo Zarlino. PhD dissertation, Indiana University.

Grant, Roger Mathew. 2010. Four Hundred Years of Meter: Theories, Ideologies, and Technologies of Musical Periodicity Since 1611. PhD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania.

Hamilton, Elina. 2015. Walter of Evesham Abbey and the Intellectual Milieu of Fourteenth-century English Music Theory. PhD dissertation, Bangor University.

Harne, George A. 2008. Theory and Practice in the Speculum musicae. PhD dissertation, Princeton University.

Lücker, Kerstin. 2011. Vollständige Harmonielehre: Edition and Translation. PhD dissertation, Dresden University.

McCormick, Susan, 2015. Johann Christian Kittel and the Long Overlooked Multiple Bass Chorale Tradition. PhD dissertation, Queen’s University Belfast.

McKay, John Z. 2012. Universal Music-Making: Athanasius Kircher and Musical Thought in the Seventeenth Century. PhD dissertation, Harvard University.

Mutch, Caleb. 2015. Studies in the History of the Cadence. PhD dissertation, Columbia University.

Raz, Carmel. 2015. Reverberating Nerves: Physiology, Perception, and Early Romantic Auditory Cultures. PhD dissertation, Yale University.

Tan, Daphne. 2013. Ernst Kurth at the Boundary of Music Theory and Psychology. PhD dissertation, University of Rochester.

van Tour, Peter M. 2015. Counterpoint and Partimento: Methods of Teaching Composition in Late Eighteenth-Century Naples. PhD dissertation, Uppsala University.

Weber, Laura. 2009. Intellectual Currents in Thirteenth Century Paris: A Translation and Commentary on Jerome of Moravia’s Tractatus de Musica. PhD dissertation, Yale University.

Wood Uribe, Patrick. 2011. Form as Reasoned Freedom: Adolph Bernhard Marx’s Theoretical and Critical Writings in the Context of German Romantic Philosophy. PhD dissertation, Princeton University.

Special thanks to Scott Gleason for starting this list.